DDOT is a hassle free way of connecting the world at a click of a button

“Saving time is equivalent to saving money.” The most important challenge for any business is the timely delivery of raw material to finished goods, be it a buyer or a seller. Ddot has come up with an innovative solution to every logistics need. Be it a small envelope or a truckload of finished goods.

Be it a medicine or a quick-lunch ordered from your favorite restaurant. Whether you send your glasses for repairs to your optician or need to cart your grey yarn to the mill. Ddot makes it super easy and at your fingertips with a user-friendly app. Ddot App comes with exhaustive package sizes and a whole range of transport vehicles.

Now, if you forget an important thing anywhere, then you do not need to be nervous, you can just browse the Ddot App and our delivery expert will deliver to the mentioned location safely and in the shortest time possible. Send or receive anything from anywhere with Ddot. Ddot delivery experts are trained to handle every type of cargo and deliver it in the most optimum time. With our automated tracking system, it becomes extremely convenient to track shipments and facilitate smooth pickup and delivery.

We are committed towards providing our customers with the best delivery experience in the market, at unrivaled prices.

Why Ddot?

-We provide the fastest pickup and delivery
-We deliver anything (legal carriage for the delivery company)
-We deliver from anywhere to anywhere, at anytime
-Convenient online payments

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The Dynamic Brains Behind Ddot.

The two enterprising millennial duos have come up to fill the void meet the timely delivery of material. Ddot is build to deliver anything, anywhere right on time. From an envelope to truckloads, Ddot’s well-trained team will deliver it flawlessly. Power of delivery to you, at your fingertips. An idea of Ddot nurtured and made possible by visionary millennial duo Sneh Patel and Sahil Santoki.

Sneh Patel

Sneh Patel

Born in Surat, Sneh Patel is co-founder of popular delivery app DDOT. He works as a manager in his family business firm in Surat where he conceived the idea of a hassle free way of connecting the world at a click of a button with DDOT.

Sahil Santoki

Sahil Santoki

Sahil Santoki, the co-founder of DDOT, turned his passion for technology into a business when founded DDOT, a platform to deliver anything, anytime and at anywhere. While managing family business firm, he acquired the business acumen and started DDOT.

Why Choose Us

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We deliver anything (legal carriage for the delivery company)

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We provide the fastest pickup and delivery

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We deliver from anywhere to anywhere, at anytime

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Convenient online payments

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